Goodbye Fujifilm x100f, hello Ricoh Gr II

This will seem absolutely bonkers to those who read my “Love at first click” article, but it’s true: I sold my x100f and bought a used Ricoh Gr II. I know, I’m still a bit shocked myself! 😲

Truth is, ever since I got the X-Pro3 back in December 2019 the x100f was mostly left on the shelf as the X-Pro became my daily driver. The lack of Classic Negative and a tilt screen were the main reasons for that, but also because in the summer and without a jacket, the x100f wasn’t really small enough to fit in my shorts’ pockets.

I have this unspoken rule that if I have an expensive piece of gear that gets little to no use for a 6 month period, it’s time to let it go. But I knew I would miss having a smaller carry around camera, so after looking into the available options I decided to get a used Ricoh Gr II that costed me a little more than half of what I sold the x100f for.

I knew the camera was small, but I was still surprised when I received it – it’s actually smaller than my phone! I’m loving the fact that it fits into any pocket and I can use it with just one hand, which is also a big plus for my dog walks. The 28mm (FF equivalent) focal length will take some getting used to but that in itself is a fun challenge, I like forcing myself to see things from a different perspective every now and then.

I’ll probably share some more insights once I’ve used it for a few weeks, stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Fujifilm x100f, hello Ricoh Gr II

  1. Coincidence, I bought a GR ii last week myself. I’ve been shooting Fuji for so long I’m finding it hard to adapt. But I love the small size, and the IQ is perfectly fine, I’ll persevere.

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    1. I’ve only had it for 2 days so I can’t really comment yet… so far I’ve been using it mostly as a snapshot camera, not really thinking much in terms of composition. I love the portability, that’s the main advantage for me… still, in terms of image quality my first impression is that it doesn’t compare to the Fujis when it comes to high ISOs. I shoot at ISO 12800 with the Fuji’s all the time, but on the Ricoh even ISO 6400 already doesn’t look very good, let alone 12800.


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