Goodbye Fujifilm x100f, hello Ricoh Gr II

This will seem absolutely bonkers to those who read my “Love at first click” article, but it’s true: I sold my x100f and bought a used Ricoh Gr II. I know, I’m still a bit shocked myself! 😲

Truth is, ever since I got the X-Pro3 back in December 2019 the x100f was mostly left on the shelf as the X-Pro became my daily driver. The lack of Classic Negative and a tilt screen were the main reasons for that, but also because in the summer and without a jacket, the x100f wasn’t really small enough to fit in my shorts’ pockets.

I have this unspoken rule that if I have an expensive piece of gear that gets little to no use for a 6 month period, it’s time to let it go. But I knew I would miss having a smaller carry around camera, so after looking into the available options I decided to get a used Ricoh Gr II that costed me a little more than half of what I sold the x100f for.

I knew the camera was small, but I was still surprised when I received it – it’s actually smaller than my phone! I’m loving the fact that it fits into any pocket and I can use it with just one hand, which is also a big plus for my dog walks. The 28mm (FF equivalent) focal length will take some getting used to but that in itself is a fun challenge, I like forcing myself to see things from a different perspective every now and then.

I’ll probably share some more insights once I’ve used it for a few weeks, stay tuned.