More homescapes

I have a feeling this will be the only kind of photos I will be able to take in the next few weeks. Just like the rest of Europe, Portugal is also dealing with a dramatic increase in Covid-19 infections and the government is toughening the containment measures. This weekend is the first with movement restrictions since lifting the lockdown a few months ago, but it probably won’t be long until we’re confined again… what a year, huh?

As a side note, I went with a cooler WB setting for these images to match the gloomier Autumn days.

– Home, 28th of October, 2020

9 thoughts on “More homescapes

  1. Too bad, because Portugal were doing well I thought, but with us in Belgium it is much worse, thought that we are now in 5th place in the world ranking of infections, and that for a small country.
    Keep up the writing and take care and stay safe!

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    1. We did well in the 1st wave, but I think that caused some over-confidence that is partially responsible for the situation we’re experiencing now, everyone felt like the worst was over. I’ve been reading on Belgium too on the news, it looks pretty grim over there. :/ Best of luck, stay safe!

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  2. I feel your pain, Luis. Last month Scottish Police had to attend over 3000 house parties. More lockdown for us I think.

    In better news, these are lovely. I enjoy shooting like this. It’s nice to not think about what it is and focus on HOW IT IS. Just play with lines/colours/light. It’s great exercise.

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    1. It’s pretty grim all over Europe right now and we haven’t even reached peak winter, it’s pretty scary to think how bad it will be in a couple of months.
      But yeah, all we can do is to look inwards and try to find something interesting in the mundane. I love the way you do that, by the way: your B&W family photos are wonderful, not only photographically but also in the way they remind us that family is the most important thing in these dark times.

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  3. Hey Luis ! i just found your blog, thanks to Yuri for this.
    Great observation on what is in the mini space around you. Absolutely fantastic feeling of the DOF created by this dreamy Helios.
    About the lockdown – i don’t believe in these numbers and more get the situation as a political opportunity to get more power/money/control over the regular ppl.
    in my country, the government is playing this accordion game and already killed many small businesses by closing them instead of helping them in any way. All the summer and autumn include recent days i attend our protests in Jerusalem and Telaviv against police brutality and government brutality. I did a few slideshows series with the original music and the sounds I recorded during the protests. This is my contribution to saving our freedom of speech.
    will wait for the next post with the home photography from you.

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    1. Thank you Victor and welcome! The helios is great, I missed using it. 🙂
      As for the lockdown, I can’t comment on your country, I imagine our realities are quite different but here in Portugal the numbers are very real and the situation is getting very dramatic in the hospitals. The lockdowns suck, but if it’s the only way to save thousands of lives of our elders, than so be it.


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