The new normal – day 5

Don’t expect any masterpieces anytime soon, just shooting whatever catches my eye while I can, without much filtering… these were taken on what was probably the last long walk with my dog for a while, as Portugal is expected to enter the state of emergency and impose a country wide lock-down tonight.

– Moscavide, 17th of March, 2020


2 thoughts on “The new normal – day 5

  1. Please , if they declare Lockdown , go with it, as every country is reacting slower than it’s needed

    Yo have all the ill countrys near you!

    Here in Sudamerica (CHILE) a few countrys has already sort of a lockdown to stop the spreading of the virus


    1. I’ve already been on self-imposed lock-down since last Friday, I only leave the house to walk the dog. But even those walks will probably have to be shorter if the state of emergency is declared.


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