“Hunker down” – a photo diary of life during lockdown

I’ve always felt that random acts of kindness are one of the most beautiful things humans can do for each other, but they seem to be increasingly rare these days. So when about a month ago Timothy Michael – an American photographer I greatly admire – offered to send me a couple of his photobooks for free, I could hardly believe it. I would always be thrilled to get a gift like this, but in this particularly dark times we’re living in it felt extra special.

“Hunker down” is Tim’s photographic diary of his life during the Covid-19 lockdown in Noble County, USA, alongside his lovely wife and 2 gorgeous dogs. Just like myself, his dogs were the perfect excuse to go out on long walks during the lockdown, but unlike myself Tim put them to good use and created a tremendous body of work. His photos convey beautifully all of the emotions I think most of us felt during that period: the uncertainty, the fear and the melancholy, but also the more relaxed, joyous and intimate family moments that the confinement allowed.

Personally, I found it fascinating to have this glimpse into a reality that’s so distant from mine and yet so similar at its core: when push comes to shove, it will always be love, family and friends (2 legged and 4 legged) that will guide us through the storm.

On a final note, I’m curious to see how other people spent their confinements, so feel free to share in the comments links to your own photos of this period.