A day with Sean Tucker

Last Saturday I had the chance to participate in a photowalk organized by Sean Tucker. If you don’t know who he is, I urge you to checkout his youtube channel and his instagram: not only he is an amazing photographer, but he also shares some very interesting photography-related contents on his youtube channel, a lot of it focused on the more philosophical side that rarely gets discussed.

I have to say when I first learned about this “instameet” I was unsure if I should go because I knew it was going to be pretty crowded and chaotic. But I’m happy I did because it was great to hear some of Sean’s thoughts in first hand and meet other like-minded street photographers.

Of course it was quite a challenge to get any interesting shots in the middle of large dozens of other photographers, but in the end it turned out better than I expected and I got a few keepers.

Here are some of my favorites from that morning:

– Lisbon, 7th of March, 2020