The new normal

It seems like the last time I posted here was on a different lifetime… and yet it was just a week ago, how crazy is that?

I hope everyone’s staying safe at home these days, if your work allows it. In the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic, our routines are being completely shattered on a daily basis, and it can get pretty challenging to adjust so quickly.

Personally, I have to say staying home is the easiest thing for me to do… other introverts will probably relate, but it looks like we finally found an use for our “superpower”! 🙂 The toughest part is dealing with the uncertainty of it all and the constant worry with our elders.

Anyway, to keep my “photographic eye” in shape, I guess in the next coming weeks I will have to point my camera inwards, which will be a challenge in itself.

Stay safe everyone!

– Home, 16th of March, 2020