Fake analog love

It’s been a few years since I’ve purchased a preset pack for Lightroom as I’ve been working mostly with jpgs, but as soon as I saw Tiffany Roubert had released some 35mm film-inspired presets I knew my streak was coming to an end!

I’m a big fan of her work, especially the more intimate photography on film, so I just had to try them out to see if I could get close to her magic… of course I couldn’t, because sadly talent doesn’t come embedded in lightroom presets, but I love the look I’m getting out of these.

Now, I still have conflicting feelings about faking film in a photo editor, but the fact of the matter is that it’s just not practical or economically viable for me to shot film often, but at the same time it is by far my favorite aesthetic… so I guess one has to make do with the tools he/she has and stop worrying about vague philosophies, right?

These are a batch of unpublished photos from my short vacations last month, taken with a Ricoh GrII and now processed with a variation of Tiffany’s 35mm preset.