Finally, vacations!

Last week I finally managed to escape Lisbon for a few days on what can be considered my first (and only) real vacations of 2020! I took a small road trip to my favorite place in Portugal – the southwest coast – to enjoy the very last days of summer.
Since this was not a photographic trip at all, I wanted to travel as light as possible so I only took my x-pro3 and I borrowed the xf 18-55mm lens from a friend. I hadn’t used a zoom lens for at least a couple of years, but I have to say it felt very comfortable and liberating to have one single lens that covers several different focal lengths. It certainly allowed me to get some shots I wouldn’t have been able to, had I only taken a prime lens.

– Costa Alentejana, 21st to 25th of September, 2020

A day with the Fuji gang – part I

Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in a photo-walk organized by Fujifilm Portugal in the beautiful village of Monsaraz and also in Évora. It was a great day of fun with other Fujifilm nerds like myself, full of geek talk, good food and breathtaking landscapes… there was hardly any time to photograph, but somehow we managed to snap a few (hundred) shots! 😉

Surprisingly, the keeper rate was much higher than I thought, so I’m going to split this in a few posts to avoid crashing wordpress with too many photos. I used both the x100F and the X-pro3 with my jpg color recipes for each camera.

– Monsaraz, 15th of February, 2020