8 thoughts on “Smells like summer

  1. Love your pictures! As a huge fan of Lisboa, I can only wish that I were there more often (especially after Brexit…). Your pictures both give me pleasure and fill me with envy. Please keep posting them!

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    1. ahahah I know the feeling, I get that a lot of other people’s photos in different countries! 😉 Thank you very much, I’ll be sure to keep sharing my views of Lisboa regularly.


  2. So very interesting! I could see from the caption that you were using the 7Artisons 25mm f1.8, I thought… wow… that lens does a great job, maybe I should check how much it costs. Then realized I had gotten it as a gift from a friend last year! 😀 I never used it, but now I will!
    What is your verdict on the Portra 400. Looks nice in your shots, but I always struggled with it for some reason… will try that again too! 🙂
    Thanks for all that you share! Great stuff! Looking forward to the next!

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    1. I’m on my second copy of the 7artisans lens… had it a few years ago, sold it when I got the fuji 23mm f2, but I missed its imperfections so much that I bought it again! 😀 I love its character, it’s a great lens for the money.
      As for the Portra 400 simulation, to be honest I don’t think it looks that much like real Portra, but I love the way it looks anyway to I’ll probably use it more often for sunny days!


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