9 thoughts on “Deconfined (for a couple of hours)

    1. Here in Portugal we’re still in a “partial confinement” phase: on weekends people can go out until 1 pm, the curfew is only in the afternoon and night. I doubt it will last though, unless the numbers drop soon we’ll most likely enter full confinement soon. :/


      1. I fear we’re going the same way. My daughter is nearly finished her self isolation but most of her school S classes are shut down due to positive cases. There may be no school for her to go back to. Scottish winters aren’t exactly fun and games but better to have the choice.

        This doesn’t look like Fuji, is it the Ricoh?

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      2. Yeah, at this point it looks inevitable all across Europe. This time around people seem to be much less inclined to comply though, due to fatigue and sheer desperation in terms of making ends meet, so I foresee some really complicated times ahead.

        Yeah, this is the Ricoh, I’ve been using it much more than the Fuji just because it’s so easy to carry it around with me everywhere.


      3. Some very complex sociological & behavioural factors coming into play now. My wife, Janet, just got a phone call saying the department store she works in will close on Friday. The feeling is the rest of Scotland will follow.

        It’s amazing how they can get an APS-C sensor into such a tiny camera.

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      4. It’s a very unique and complex situation that no one really knows how to deal with, considering it’s a once in a lifetime event. I hope you guys will be alright even with your wife’s store closing.

        And yeah, the greatest thing about the Ricoh is by far it’s size and image quality. Not that it matters much to me, but the lens is probably the sharpest I’ve ever used in any camera!

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      5. We’ll be fine – there is a government furlough pay thing going on.

        I’m currently editing some photos from Edinburgh and started thinking “does Luis and Vera know the story of Greyfriars Bobby?”
        All doggy lovers should read this but get the tissues ready.

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