3rd anniversary of “Life, Unintended”

My little corner of the web is officially 3 years old today! 🥳😎

If someone had told me back in August 2017 that this very personal blog of mine would one day get close to a thousand page views a day, I would have laughed hysterically on his/her face! Even now it still feels surreal, but I’m very thankful and flattered by all the love I’ve gotten from strangers all over the world thanks to this blog. 

Most of this exposure has been due to Fujifilm and the film simulations settings I’ve shared here, but first and foremost this will always be the visual diary of my life, with all its unexpected twists and turns. There’s that old saying “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”, and the pictures I’ve shared over the last 3 years are living proof of that. Since my first post pretty much everything has changed and keeps changing at a vertiginous pace, very little of it in a planned way. Sometimes the changes are so deep that it’s hard to believe/remember how it was before; these photos serve as a reminder of the journey that has brought me to this place in time.

My only wish for the future of the blog is that I have the courage to keep documenting life as it happens, the good, the bad and the ugly. Hopefully, you might find the journey interesting enough (visually) to keep following along. 🙂

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