9 thoughts on “Jealous

      1. Looks amazing! I was just on your Instagram a minute ago & left you a comment but I’ll leave one here as well:
        I love everything that you’re doing man! I shoot exclusively film (99% of the time) but I am doing a long cycle tour trip for 10 days sometime next month & cannot take any of my go-to cameras with me due to the weight restrictions & need to minimize cargo. After documenting the trip, I need to make it into a zine so streamlining the process & also keeping that ‘film look’ for consistency within my work is very crucial & thanks to you & Ritchie Roesch’s work/findings, I have found my answer.

        Appreciate you Luis!

        Much love,

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      2. Also replied to you on Instagram, but just to add that if you can get a x100v, the classic negative film simulation is by far the closest thing you can get to film right out of a digital camera. The x100f is still a brilliant camera, but that film simulation (that the x100f doesn’t have) is truly something special!


  1. Ahhh, good to know!
    I found a really good deal on a Like New x100F so i actually ended up purchasing it. Do you think i can still achieve some awesome film-like results with the x100F? Or is it crucial that I need the x100V model to achieve such results?

    Thanks so much for the info!

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