Analog memories from a summer well spent

A couple of days ago I received back from the lab my first roll of expired Fuji Sensia 100, which coincidentally was also the first roll I shot on the Minolta Hi-matic AF2.

Several lessons were learned from this set of photos:

  • the Minolta has serious trouble focusing up close;
  • I can’t keep a straight horizon for shit (had to fix a few in post);
  • no matter how much you fuck it up, film photos always look cool, sometimes even cooler than if you did everything perfect!

As a side note, finding a lab is Lisbon that would develop slide film in E6 process proved to be quite a challenge. I could only find one and it was quite expensive, so if any other Lisboners out there know labs that still develop slide film, please let me know!


5 thoughts on “Analog memories from a summer well spent

  1. Two of those “lessons” are some of the reasons why I abandoned film in 1999. If I ever wanted to shoot straight horizon, I needed a tripod. Split-prism manual focusing on my Pentax P3 is ok with only a few misses. I’m sure my 53-year-old eyes would not perform as well as they did when I was 19.

    For me, the optimal solution is to shoot digital with the application of in-camera film simulations and/or film presets. I prefer the film presets approach given that I never solved my handheld “straight horizon” problem. 🤪

    I shot a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 on my Pentax P3 this past summer and it was a disaster. I then shot a roll of Ilford HP5 Plus in my Asahi Spotmatic II and the roll was returned a blank. it did not wind properly onto the spool. I’m giving the film one more try before I toss my hands in the air and declare that my decision and reasoning in 1999 was spot on. Shooting old tech does not prove anything about my photography.

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    1. Ahahah yeah, there’s a lot of downsides to shooting film, that’s also the reason why I don’t do it more often. But there is a special joy in getting back the negatives from the lab that just doesn’t exist with the immediacy of digital (except of course when it turns out all blank! :P). And I love the unpredictability of the medium, it has taught me to loosen up a bit and not expect perfection.
      Of course if was doing professional photography work I probably wouldn’t risk using film… but then again, if I was doing professional work I would know what the hell I’m doing and get proper results out of it! 😀


  2. I well understand the problem. Labs in my country suck I used some of them in the past years but then I decided to develope myself the rolls. That being said there’re still great labs in EU but you need to send them the rolls… They are a bit pricey but if you do not shot frequently it’s worth it imho.

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    1. The lab did a pretty good job on these, I don’t have any complaints regarding the quality of the service, it was just pretty expensive (14€ developing + scanning). Fortunately I got a box of sensia rolls for free from a friend, so all in all it wasn’t too bad! 😉


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