2 thoughts on “Love at first click: an ode to the Fujifilm x100F

  1. Luìs, I enjoyed reading this. Although I don’t own one, I too have a love affair with the X100F.

    I remember learning about the X series cameras in 2011 on a photo walk. One of the photographers had brought along his Fuji X100. I admit, I was ignorant that Fuji made digital cameras. But that tiny camera fascinated me.

    I went home, did some research and found out that the little camera was popular. By 2012, I found myself renting various Fuji X cameras including the X-E1 and X-T1. I loved them both but stayed committed to Nikon. Last summer I rented an X100F to document my wife’s birthday celebrations in Philadelphia. It was perfect for all the reasons you listed in your article. But I wanted an ILC. I wanted to do more wildlife photography. So last summer, I bought and X-T2. I am enjoying this camera but sometimes I want just what the X100F offers. I want a pocket camera with all the X series goodness. The X100F is on my short list for 2020.

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    1. The X-T2 is a brilliant camera and certainly more versatile than the x100f because of the possibility to change the lens. Where the x100f clearly wins is in portability and stealthiness, if you get the chance to have both than it’s the best of both worlds! 😉 I still have a X-T20 and X-Pro1, but mostly I just reach for those when I want to use my vintage lenses or if I need a longer focal lenght.

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