I uploaded the photo below on Tumblr (the original home for Life, Unintended) on the 3rd of August 2017, even though it was taken a couple of months before:


Since then I’ve posted close to 280 publications, shared large hundreds of photos and (amazingly) got 75 followers in the process – it may sound insignificant in the social era we live in, but it’s pretty mind blowing to me! I’m always surprised that people like some of these photos because they express my very personal view on the mundane things around me, which should be quite uninteresting to everyone else. But I guess some of the emotions that lead me to capture them are probably universal and maybe others can relate to them as well? I dunno, but I’m happy people like them for whatever reason.

Most of all I’m happy to look back on this repository of memories and realize just how lucky I’ve been. It’s very easy to lose sight of that in the midst of our crazy modern lives, especially for someone who has a tendency to focus on the negatives like myself, but this place is a permanent reminder of all the great things I’ve experienced over the course of a year.

I just hope I’ll have the courage to keep documenting life when things are not so great… time will tell, I guess.

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